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The aim of the European Krzysztof Penderecki Music Centre is to encourage the most talented young musicians from all over the world to develop their abilities so as to come to full artistic maturity. The Centre will become a meeting place for gifted musicians and for professors – leading specialists in the arts of performance, compositions and the broadly conceived humanities. Entering into relations of the ‘master-and-disciple’ type, the Centre’s guests will keep alive the spiritual values of the Central European tradition.

Owing to valuable contacts and exchange of experiences, the young artists will acquire an in-depth knowledge of musical styles, the structureand meaning of a musical work. Familiarity with the philosophical, religious and social foundations of music will strengthen the young adepts’ motivation to increase and practise their performance skills, always subordinating the technique to the primacy of imagination.

The principal aim of the European Krzysztof Penderecki Music Centre is to develop in young performers the ability to interpret solo, chamberand orchestral music written by living, contemporary composers, under the guidance of the composers them selves.



Statute (excerpt)

II. The scope of the Centre’s activity

§ 4

1. The primary task of the Centre is to build a campus and a concert hall with a view to pursuing the following statutory aims:

  • Educating the most talented young musicians from all over the world until they reach full artisting maturity.
  • Organising (in the Centre) meetings of talented young musicians with teachers and professors lecturing in the humanities, who can share their experience, but also learn and study together in the spirit of the Central European music tradition.
  • Facilitating to the young generation of musicians the acquisition of an in-depth musical knowledge through valuable contacts and exchange of experiences, which will lead to a better understanding of musical structures and styles.
  • Encouraging students to adopt such an approach to performance in which technique is subordinated to imagination; this aim ought to be achieved through the study of the philosophical and social framework of each individual composition.


2. For the fulfilment of the statutory aims defined in Point 1, the Centre collaborates with natural and legal persons as well as organisations which do not constitute legal entities.

3. Aims different from those listed in Point 1 may be pursued by the Centre if they have gained the prior acceptance of all the Organisers. 

Programme Board

  • The most eminent Polish composers
    Henryk Mikołaj Górecki - President of the Programme Board
    Krzysztof Penderecki
  • Professors of the Music Academy in Cracow
    Teresa Malecka
    Mieczysław Tomaszewski
  • Musicologist
    Elżbieta Markowska


Master classes

In the past master classes with the following professors have taken place:

  • Helena Łasarska, singing
  • Grigori Zhyslin, violin
  • Ivan Moneghetti, cello
  • Arto Noras, cello
  • Michel Lethiec, clarinet
  • Radovan Vlatkovic, horn


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