Goals and Tasks

As a composer, conductor, teacher and promoter of young talent, Krzysztof Penderecki was one of the most renowned personalities on the international classical music scene and also acted as one of the most influential cultural ambassadors of his Polish homeland. His œuvre, which includes well over 100 works, reflects all genres and styles of European musical tradition, just as it gave decisive impulses to the avant-garde with original approaches. Key works such as ‘Luke Passion’, ‘The Devils of Loudun’, ‘Polish Requiem’ and ‘Seven Gates of Jerusalem’ represent Penderecki’s compositional handwriting, an amalgam of his very own sound visions and traditional forms, styles and harmonies.

As a balance to Penderecki’s compositional work, his work as a tree collector was preserved. For example, the composer created an arboretum with around 1,700 species from all over the world in the 30-hectare park of his home in Lusławice. “Trees,” the composer once remarked, “are more than just a passion. They are my second profession”.

‘MUSIC UNITES’ contributes to the promotion of the Academy and the preservation of Krzysztof Penderecki’s heritage. In order to be able to stringently realize its goals and wide-ranging tasks in the future, the association ‘MUSIC UNITES’, which was founded in 2009, needs regular financial support. In addition to the voluntary commitment of its members, there is a need for more friends, supporters and sponsors. You can participate in different ways and contribute to a unique project by joining the circle of friends.